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March 22, 2019

Bermuda Vacation Holiday

Friendly greetings, long stretches of beach, and a host of sports and sights welcome visitors to this island. If the first things you notice aren't its beauty and cleanliness, it will only be because you are stunned by the turquoise hues of the surrounding waters.

With neat, pastel, white-roofed houses dotting the low hills, Bermuda exudes order. Waterside and inland roads pass patchwork farms with plots of sweet potatoes, broccoli, bananas, and onions. Pink and blue public buses, which always seem to be on schedule, peacefully coexist with mopeds and the new compact cars. Yachts, cruise ships, and ferries glide in and out of the harbors of the town of St. George's and the capital city of Hamilton against postcard backgrounds. Bermuda's extensive south shore is bordered by some of the world's finest beaches a few with pink sand.

Among other attractions, you can visit an aquarium and zoo, 17th-century churches and houses, and historic forts; relax in public gardens and parks; wander through nature reserves; and explore underground caves and a replica of a ship built by the early settlers. In the spring, the agricultural exhibition at the Botanical Gardens celebrates the islands' farmers, many of them Portuguese immigrants or descendants of those who came from the Azores to fill agricultural jobs in the 1850s.

Bermuda's natural beauty is one of the most pleasing sights of all, from the roads decorated with hibiscus, bougainvillea, oleander, spider fern, and morning glory, to the rosy beaches with striking rock formations. Bermudans often dare visitors to find two leaves that are alike on the brown and burgundy "match-me-if-you-can" shrubs that are all over the island. Wispy casuarina trees that lean with the breeze are also everywhere. Since the climate is subtropical, the island has few indigenous palms. If you are visiting in the spring, amid the profusion of greenery, Easter lilies, and other flowers, you may notice trees with rust-colored autumnal leaves. These are fiddlewoods, which got a bit confused after being uprooted from their Australian home to be grown for fuel in Bermuda. Here their leaves turn burnt orange and drop off in the spring instead of the fall, but by July they are green again. Amid Bermuda's winter greenery, poincianas stand naked. In spring, they burst into riotous bloom. Also look out for graceful white longtails (Bermuda's national bird), which migrate to the island with the onset of spring.

Bermuda's nine parishes Sandys, Southampton, Warwick, Paget, Pembroke, Devonshire, Smith's, Hamilton, and St. George's were originally eight districts called "tribes," with St. George's being common land. The many tribe roads, the narrow rustic lanes that cross the island from north to south, are remnants of the past. Note that the old town of St. George's, the original capital, is in St. George's Parish, but the present capital, the city of Hamilton, is in Pembroke Parish (not Hamilton Parish). The 17th-century town of St. George's, which has changed little since it was founded in 1612, provides an exciting contrast to the more modern, bustling city of Hamilton. Each parish has a personality all its own. No matter where you decide to stay, the rest of Bermuda is only a quick ride away.


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